6 Types of Wood Fence Designs that Fencing Contractors Can Offer You

No home is left finished without a fence, which serves to demarcate its boundaries at the very least. Without fencing, your residential property is left without a character and a solid curb appeal. Wooden fences are traditional choices, and these come in plenty of designs. Find out about the 6 varied types of design that wooden fences are typically offered in by fencing contractors.


Lattice fences

These are perfect fencing choices for homeowners who need some privacy but also need to admit some sunlight and air into their properties. The slats on lattice fences can be diagonally laid out for rhombic spaces. However, these can be also horizontally and vertically placed to make square-shaped apertures.


Solid board fence

These fences also stand as wonderfully designed alternatives to common wooden fences, and can serve as a visual barricade for passersby. These can also block out some amount of noise and provide properties with some amount of security. A fence contractor can also combine a solid board fence with latticework atop to ensure a more ornamental finish.


Stockade fence

These are the best fencing choices for property owners who wish to enjoy utmost privacy and wish to block the views of outsiders into their homes. The fences have wooden slats aligned vertically without any space in between and with the top sections pointed out. Solid board fences and stockade fences are most suitable when you are looking for absolute privacy for your property.


Log wood fence

These display wood in their real beauty, and can be most appropriate for homes that have a rustic-styled design. Although most of them are set up in the form of vertical panels, you can also find them available in horizontal log panels.


Split-rail wood fence

These are the best choices for homes that are ranch-styled, and come in a country feel. Properties with landscaping drawn from Southwestern US design can look great with split-rail wood fencing. The Western red cedar wood is the material of choice for fences in this style.


Picket-style fence

Such fences lend a quaint charm, which is most appropriate for homes in cottage-style as well as those having landscape designs inspired by English garden themes. These fences are also available in varied types, with pointed top spaced picket, dog-ear spaced picket and French gothic spaced picket being the most popular. If you need a country charm, Picket-style fences, Split-rail wood fences or Log wood fences are the best picks.


When aesthetic beauty is the primary consideration, it is best to opt for Picket-style fences, Split-rail wood fences or Log wood fences. When functionality is your main concern, it is recommended that you choose from Stockade fences, Solid board fences or Lattice fences. However, it must be remembered that your choice should be guided by your specific needs, the overall style of your home as well as the kind of budget that you have. Wooden fences come in a wide variety of designs, and it is important to consult your fence contractor on this matter. 

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